Full Time Equivalent

These professionals will work directly under your command in shifts and will report to you on a daily/weekly basis at your convenience. We supervise them on your behalf so that you get the best possible output without taking any chance.

Depending on your requirement, we can offer you a team of full time equivalent employees to set up an offshore development center. Or you can decide to hire a single professional and then extend up to a full-fledged development center.

FTE – How does it work?

  • Based on your project specifics, we draft a professional’s profile. This profile is circulated among our human resource data banks. We then provide you with a choice of professionals to enable you narrow down the ideal candidate. Once you have short listed, you can then interview them before final selection.
  • Under normal circumstances, a 1-year contract is drafted out with a committed Full Time Equivalent rate / Billing rate for 160 hrs / month
  • Fortnightly billing, payable in advance
  • For each FTE employee hired by you, a one time set up fee is applicable

If you are a Small or Medium IT Consultant, Web Design & Development company, IT/Web related entrepreneur or Start-up looking for a cost-effective way to have your own development team, FTE is an ideal offering. Apart from cutting costs where it matters, you have many benefits that you will be enjoying:

FTE –Advantage you!

  • 1High levels of flexibility and project control
  • 2Cost-efficiency – Almost at half the cost
  • 3Dedicated team at your disposal
  • 4Clear view of budget outlay
  • 5IP ownership

With GuruMarga, you get to hire the professionals consultants according to the level of experience and expertise specified by you. For more details, please fill up the below form to assist you better:-