Product Development

Is a major software development project looming on your horizon? If so, why haven’t you started it yet? Have you been unable to find the time? Is the project too burdensome or technically advanced? Gurumarga has been designing, developing, and launching software products since 1997. If you want to get your software off your desk and into the world, Gurumarga can guide the way.

Gurumarga is one of the leading Indian companies with true expertise in both software development and design. Our own products include:

Prosper Lite (Accountants, Inventory, Invoicing, and VAT software) designed for small and medium traders and manufacturers.

Prosper Plus (Accounts, Inventory, Invoicing and VAT multi-user software for Big Corporate with RDBMS)

Prosper SMS (School Management Software), Prosper AMC )for AMC and warranty software).

Products we’ve developed for our clients include:

  • Angler’s management software (UK Client)
  • The Ultimate Inter Active Baby Naming Program (Australian Client)
  • Desktop Quick Notes (U.S.A Client)
  • POS General
  • POS Restaurant
  • Property Management Software (Hotel)

These sophisticated and innovative products are a testament not only to expert technical capabilities, but also our wide range of development experience. We are also extremely protective of our client’s Intellectual Property rights, setting new standards in IP integrity and confidentiality.

Our offshore product development services help our clients spend more wisely and receive far greater benefits than they would otherwise. At Gurumarga, we are proud to offer the following benefits to our clients:

Software Product Development at Gurumarga

  • 1New development methodologies that allow our clients to visualize prototype, design, and even construct a software application
  • 2Offer compact and competitive rates for all of our services
  • 3Greater bandwidth to develop multiple versions of your products simultaneously or enhance product functionality.
  • 4Translate products to new technology platforms
  • 5Provide expert teams that will take on the burden of development, allowing our clients to focus on the core aspects of their business.

So whether you are an emerging startup with a fresh concept or a seasoned enterprise looking to enter new markets, Gurumarga has a number of services that can help you reach your development goals.

We provide:

  • Software research and development
  • New product design & development
  • Product migration & product re-engineering
  • Full product / software testing & quality assurance (QA)
  • Application integration
  • Product interoperability testing
  • Product maintenance

Whatever your needs are and whatever your schedule, Gurumarga is ready to share our talent, experience, and reputation to help you reach success.